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Latest Headlines

HHS Ventures program projects for 2016 include food surveillance app, HR wiki

Projects for this year's Department of Health and Human Services Secretary's Ventures program will focus on development of a public health surveillance mobile app, a federal HR wiki and more.

MACRA, MIPS and more: What healthcare advocates see for the year ahead

At the eHealth Initiative's annual conference this week, lobbyists and healthcare advocates spoke about trends in the health IT industry and government policies.

Health IT VC funding hits $4.6 billion in 2015, Mercom Capital reports

The health IT sector brought in $4.6 billion in venture capital funding in 2015, according to a report from Mercom Capital Group.

How to take patient engagement to the next level

Thanks to shifts away from the paternalistic model of care, technological innovations, consumer driven care and other forces, today's patients are more engaged in their healthcare than ever, according to an article from the  Chicago Tribune. However, barriers to the transition toward patient-centered care remain. Consider the following ways your practice can work through them.

Delay of ACA tax could hand health insurers a victory

The potential one-year delay of an Affordable Care Act tax could prevent health insurers from paying several billions of dollars annually to the U.S. government in 2017 and 2018,  Morning Consult  reports.  

It may pay for practices to take billing off their plates

With financial and administrative pressure at an all-time high for physician practices, the time may be right to consider outsources billing, according to a post from  Physicians Practice.

Study examines pros and cons of online health info

Online health information is driving change in the ways patients interact with their doctors, producing both positive and negative results, according to an article at the  Journal of Medical Internet Research. 

AAFP leader takes aim at 'information blocking'

Information blocking, an "underappreciated" problem that has come to the forefront only in recent months, was the target of recent criticism from the president of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Will practices run out of resources to implement ICD-10?

While physician practices are already considering alignment opportunities more than ever before, the Oct. 1 implementation deadline for ICD-10 could spur a new wave of affiliations, Paul Keckley, managing director of Navigant Center for Healthcare Research and Policy Analysis, recently told  Healthcare Finance News.

Experts urge physicians to stay on course with Meaningful Use 2

Are electronic health records worth the effort and expense of adoption for small practices? And for those who've already implemented EHRs, is attesting to Meaningful Use, Stage 2, worthwhile when physicians already have so many other regulatory burdens on their plates? For many physicians, going electronic has yet to fulfill its promise of better streamlining and coordinating care.