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Latest Headlines

Mobile prescription therapy critical to shifting mHealth into mainstream

As mobility becomes ingrained within mainstream healthcare, a critical element will be the integration of mobile prescription therapy, says a data science and image pattern recognition expert who describes the therapy as a confluence of clinical, behavioral and data science innovation.

Budget concerns force hospital CIOs to skip non-critical IT projects

Budget constraints have forced many hospital CIOs at entities large and small to triage potential projects and move forward with only those efforts deemed the most necessary.

HIMSS mHealth committee will focus on IDing critical enablers

A newly formed Health Information and Management Systems Society committee focused on the use of mobility in healthcare features 12 members and will formally launch July 1.

VA telehealth efforts cut patient costs

Home-based telehealth programs help military service members receive better care at lower costs than fellow service members who only receive in-person care, according to figures touted this week by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs officials.

3 ways to better protect healthcare data in the cloud

It's really not surprising that 83 percent of healthcare organizations are using the cloud to store electronic health record information or other data, as reported this week by   HIMSS Analytics. As their new survey points out, hospitals and other providers using cloud EHR vendors have lower maintenance costs, faster deployment and fewer internal IT staffing needs. Moreover, HIMSS Analytics reports that even more providers will flock to the cloud, and those already using it will expand that use. It's like BlackBerry vs. iPhone or, for those who remember, Beta vs. VHS. If one technology overshadows the other, the lesser one becomes outdated and less popular and will eventually be put out to pasture.

Hospital CISO: External risk assessments key to ensuring security

Providers should not underestimate the value of external risk assessments, no matter how strong similar internal programs seem to be, an IT security official at Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia said.

HIMSS: Security risk assessment tool confusing, clunky

An HHS security risk assessment tool to help providers in small- and medium-sized offices determine vulnerability to potential privacy attacks needs some work, say HIMSS officials.

Experience vital to successful mHealth app publishing

The most successful mHealth application ventures use a services strategy, boast a robust tool portfolio and embrace medical APIs, according to a new study published by research2guidance.

ONC: Hospital EHR adoption, interoperability on the rise

Hospitals continue to make progress in the transition to electronic health records, although adoption still varies widely, according to a new data brief released by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.

Most RECs plan to stay open after 2014

Most of the regional extension centers established by the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act have been "extremely successful" and expect to remain operational even after federal funding runs out in 2014, according to a new HIMSS report.