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Latest Headlines

Andy Slavitt: Health IT must be 'a national priority'

When Andy Slavitt came to the District of Columbia two years ago, it was because technology was putting health reform in the U.S. at risk. Now, he says, technology is not doing all it can when it comes to patient care, and the industry must "refocus on our customers and rise above proprietary interests to make this a national priority."

3 ways digital tools can transform payer business practices

Combining digital technologies with better business processes can "fundamentally transform" payer organizations, according to a report from McKinsey & Company.

American Medical Association increases role in health IT

Participation in Carequality illustrates the American Medical Association's increasing role in health IT, AMA Chief Medical Information Officer Michael Hodgkins, M.D., tells  Health Data Management.

3 HIT factors that help improve hospital productivity, patient care

Three factors in health IT can boost hospital employee productivity, which in turn can improve patient care, according to  research  from the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

Boston Children's CIO focused on building culture of innovation

As chief innovation officer of Boston Children's Hospital, John Brownstein is building partnerships with health IT companies, as well as working internally to usher in greater innovation in the healthcare space.

NQF issues guidance on measurement of HIT patient-safety efforts

The National Quality Forum has issued a new report on health IT safety and how it should be measured.

UCSF hospital gets help from robots for deliveries

The University of California-San Francisco hospital at Mission Bay is using a small army of robots to ferry food, linens, medications and more around the vast medical complex, reports  Kaiser Health News.

UnitedHealth uses tech to connect with family caregivers

Seeing a need to provide customized healthcare resources to family members caring for loved ones at home, UnitedHealth has turned to a technology-based solution.

Health IT, communication must play role in care transitions

Use of communication and health IT is necessary to help avoid high costs and  readmissions  that can occur because of transitions of care.

Eric Topol: Healthcare turning toward virtual doctor's office

The phrase "the doctor knows best" may be on its way out as health technology is leading to an age where medical decisions are not ordered but shared discussions between physicians and their patients, Eric Topol, M.D., says in an interview with the  University of Toronto's Rotman Management Magazine.