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Latest Headlines

3 building blocks for medical homes

To build a successful patient-centered medical home, insurers must implement certain foundational factors, including strong leadership and staff commitment to the care model, adequate information technology, and effective patient engagement tools, reported Health IT Analytics.

Hospital CIOs: How to approach hiring your staff

Staffing in health IT departments is an ongoing issue for professionals in the industry, and this problem has chief information officers looking for ways to attract and retain the right workers.

Patient portals raise concerns for data privacy, security

As more health data becomes available, many issues will arise regarding patient security and privacy of information, according to Micky Tripathi, president and CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative.

Why health IT spending must switch tactics

Healthcare IT spending by both providers and payers needs to move away from massive systems to the more agile, entrepreneurial approach used by the likes of Apple, Google and Samsung, according to an article at CIO.

Google co-founders Brin and Page: Tech giant will not become healthcare company

Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page  said in conversation with  venture capitalist Vinod Khosla  that the tech giant would not likely become a health company, citing regulatory burdens that  dissuade many entrepreneurs.

HIMSS Analytics reports detail hospital buying practices, technology use

The IT buying practices of for-profit hospitals varied dramatically from not-for-profit and government hospitals, according to one of two new reports released by the Dorenfest Institute for Health Information.

Docs still learning to make CDS work for them

Healthcare organizations continue to work to integrate clinical decision support systems into clinical workflow, and to overcome distaste for what many refer to as "cookbook medicine," according to physician technologist Joseph Kim.

Hospitals 'very sloppy' about security efforts

Healthcare facilities are constantly in danger of being hacked and having data stolen, but two researchers have found that many hospitals themselves leak valuable information online.

3 ways health IT can fulfill its promise

Merely making health records digital won't fulfill the promise of health IT to improve care and cut costs, according to a newly published issue brief.

3 keys to protecting your hospital in an IT vendor dispute

Michael Dagley, an attorney with Nashville-based Bass, Berry & Simsan who specializes in software disputes, offers advice on protecting your hospital in disputes with vendors when the technology doesn't perform as promised.