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Latest Headlines

Rural New York provider uses teledentistry to help children at risk for tooth decay

The role of telemedicine is growing to include oral health, and Finger Lakes Community Health's teledentistry program is helping improve patient dental care for children.

AMA teams up with tech incubator to help entrepreneurs test innovations

A new interaction studio at Chicago-based tech incubator MATTER is giving healthcare entrepreneurs the chance to see how their products work in simulated spaces before sending them out into the world.

WEDI-Con: Marshfield Clinic CEO says patients won't wait for industry to catch up with tech

Patients aren't going to wait for the healthcare industry to catch up with technology, and as IT moves farther ahead than where the industry currently stands, "we have to start thinking very differently about what patients expect," Susan Turney, M.D., CEO of Marshfield Clinic, said during the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange's conference in Reston, Virginia, this week.

New VA CIO plans aggressive IT timeline

LaVerne Council, the new chief information officer for the Department of Veterans Affairs, has laid out an aggressive timeline to change technology efforts within the agency, focusing on projects that can be completed within six months, those that will take six to 18 months and those that will take longer.

Use of virtual health tools could shave $10 billion a year from primary care costs

Using virtual health technology in primary care could save $10 billion a year and allow treatment of more patients without the need to train more doctors, according to a new report.

Baylor Scott & White Health's Matthew Chambers: Post-merger EHR integration was major hurdle [Q&A]

Baylor Scott & White HealthCIO Matthew Chambers spoke with  FierceHealthIT  about his management style, how Baylor Scott and White handles cybersecurity and the future of the CIO role.

Health IT investments in Q3 hit $1.6B

Funding for health IT in the third quarter of 2015 rose 32 percent from Q2 with $1.6 billion in 148 deals, according to a report from Mercom Capital Group.

23andMe raises $115 million from new investors

Despite some stumbles in the past couple years, genetics company 23andMe is making a comeback.

How the Army is keeping vets healthy through access to data

One key to keeping veterans healthy is putting them in control of their own health data, and the Army is doing that through the Performance Triad.

Prescriptions may soon be made using algorithms

Some trends set to come in healthcare will include the ability for health data to be autopopulated, prescriptions based on algorithms and big brands controlling precision medicine, according to Scanadu CEO Walter De Brouwer.