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Latest Headlines

Health IT tools lack proof of effectiveness

There are myriad apps, tools and technologies entering the healthcare marketplace--but most lack proof that they are helping consumers battle disease and stay healthy.

PCAST: How the government can advance R&D in health technology

In an assessment of the state of research and development in IT in the United States, a new report gives recommendations for refreshed R&D investment and coordination-- including in the healthcare technology realm.

John Halamka: 3 areas healthcare should address in 2016

It's already almost time to plan for a new year, and as 2015 heads toward its final stretch, stakeholders in the healthcare industry already are looking at what areas to focus on in 2016.

Health IT could be a boon for U.S. exports

Health IT offers substantial potential for U.S. companies to increase exports, according to a new report released this month by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

ONC releases five-year roadmap for Health IT Safety Center

A new Health IT Safety Center Roadmap lays out a five-year plan for creating a federal center focused on aggregating data on health IT-related adverse events.

Health IT implementation cuts into workflow

A new Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality study found that health IT caused interruptions to clinical workflow across all participating clinics and work roles.

Health IT should rely on design, not engineering

When creating new technology for healthcare, new tools should not be engineered so users have to conform to them, but designed with how it will be used in mind, according to Leonard D'Avolio, director of Informatics at Ariadne Labs, a joint venture of Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Next-generation health IT requires primary care input

Practicing clinicians and patients have the clearest understanding of what they need from health IT and should be shaping the national HIT research agenda, according to an article published in the latest edition of the  Journal of the   American Board of Family Medicine.

Patient-centered medical homes don't maximize HIT to coordinate care

Physicians practicing in patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) still depend on non-health IT methods of coordinating care, and their use of electronic health records for supporting coordinated care were not aligned with their priorities, according to a new study from the  Annals of Family Medicine.

Hospital designs make room for technology

Hospital room designs are changing to accommodate technology's rising role in care and to help improve patient safety.