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Latest Headlines

HIE tool reduces duplicative tests, IDs drug seekers

Health information exchange tools can fill in gaps in patient care and reduce unnecessary tests in hospital emergency departments, according to new research published in the journal  Applied Clinical Informatics.

States collaborate to exchange data during disaster

Ten states are working on a health exchange so that if a widespread disaster occurs, they'll be prepared to provide records for people displaced from their homes.

HIE execs' squabble leads to ban on connectivity fees

A heated exchange between chief executives of two health exchanges in Kansas led to the board that regulates them to decree that networks cannot charge each other connectivity fees until at least 2015.

With risky symptoms, patients don't use portals

Despite the widespread growth of patient portals, a new study from the Mayo clinic suggests that's not the communication medium patients use with time-sensitive symptoms. Unlike a phone call,...

CCHIT: Interoperability breakthrough near

The healthcare industry is on the verge of a breakthrough in interoperability as "plug and play" capability becomes more than a dream, according to a whitepaper published by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT).

Framework aims to scale state's HIE trust agreements

The California Office of Health Information Integrity wants to create standards for establishing trust among health information organizations in the state.

Viewing medical history through HIE reduces readmissions

Emergency room access to a patient's medical history compiled through health information exchange reduced both readmissions and single-day admissions in a study from Israel.

Fundamental issues plague HITECH implementations in California

California needs to take a step back and address some fundamental issues with vision and governance as it continues to implement aspects of the HITECH Act, according to a new report from the California Healthcare Foundation.

Providers unhappy with HIE vendors' sharing capabilities

As interoperability issues persist in the health information exchange market, respondents in a new KLAS survey report dissatisfaction with their vendors.

Patients open to data sharing if they control access

The state of New York requires patient consent to have their data accessed through health information exchange, and a majority surveyed are willing to have their data stored automatically, as long as they can retain control over it.