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Latest Headlines

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs: 'Health crisis of this generation'

A new  Consumer Reports  series examines the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, calling the dangerous infections the "health crisis of this generation."

Fierce exclusive: Healthcare professionals need more support in the wake of adverse events

While hospitals and health systems have increased their efforts to address the needs of employees who were involved in an adverse event, some industry insiders assert that more has to be done. In addition, providing the right response is essential to helping employees cope and heal in the aftermath of the error. 

Healthcare IT: 9 tips for contracting

The emergence of mega-suite vendors, more use of the cloud, increases in data breach frequency and cost and big data privacy impacts make healthcare IT vendor arrangements more complex. Addressing key legal and business issues during the RFP and contracting process reduces risks and helps minimize expensive change orders.

Community partnerships, health navigators crucial to engage patients

Leaders of two accountable care organizations shared the strategies they use to actively engage patients and improve healthcare delivery and outcomes while reducing costs during Wednesday's preconference session of the sixth annual National ACO Summit in the District of Columbia.

New VA tool welcome sight amid interoperability struggle with DoD

For years, federal officials have given the U.S. departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs flak for failing to make their electronic health record systems interoperable. The decibel level of such complaints rose astronomically following a February 2013 decision to abandon development of a joint EHR, and has grown deafening in recent months as the push for interoperability of all health records systems continues to gain steam throughout the halls of Congress.

Experts: Medicare ACO final rule will help but doesn't go far enough

Several features of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' final rule for accountable care organizations in its Medicare Shared Savings Program will encourage more providers to participate in the program, but the rule does not go far enough on risk assumption, healthcare experts wrote in a blog post for  Health Affairs.

A silver lining for mHealth use by a graying population

This past week I spoke with Arthur Polin, medical director for Florida Hospital North Pinellas, about how Adventist Health System is using mHealth to meeting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requirements for Chronic Care Management--and the liklihood an aging population will embrace using mobile tools for healthcare purposes. 

CIO Spotlight: Data analytics a big focus for University of Maryland Medical System [Interview]

New health technology projects are always underway at the University of Maryland Medical System, but one that is stealing chief information officer Jon Burns' attention is building a data analytics structure.

Surgical never events: How to stop these preventable medical errors once and for all

As a longtime healthcare reporter, I am shocked every time I read about a surgeon who operated on the wrong site or wrong patient or accidentally left a surgical instrument inside a patient's...

Health privacy and data sharing: A victim's take

At last week's Health Privacy Summit in the District of Columbia, HHS Office for Civil Rights Director Jocelyn Samuels talked at length about how, despite a bevy of looming threats to patient...