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Latest Headlines

App Association's Morgan Reed: mHealth must move out of 'pilot project' phase

It's been a busy few months for ACT | The App Association, which recently came out against the proposed Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016.

Children's Health app at center of effort to help patients manage asthma

Technology plays a vital role in Children's Health of Texas's work to reduce emergency department readmissions for asthma patients.

Telemedicine industry must embrace scrutiny to ensure quality

Research published earlier this week in  JAMA Dermatology  examining the accuracy and quality of services delivered by direct-to-consumer telemedicine companies caused quite a stir in the healthcare industry.

Inova Health's Patricia Mook: CNIOs must understand how different generations adapt to technology

Nurses are in a place where technology is changing how they do their jobs tremendously fast--and the divide between tech capabilities of different generations is a challenge, says Patricia Mook, chief nursing information officer at Falls Church, Virginia-based Inova Health System.

Mobile health tools, developers need better data protection guidance, attorney Jennifer Geetter says

In April, three government agencies came together to create an online tool that helps developers navigate all the federal regulations that could impact the devices and apps they create. The...

Medical errors: 5 system-wide changes that can prevent patient harm

Despite controversy over the definition of medical errors used in a new study that finds these mistakes lead to 10 percent of deaths in the United States each year, it's clear that the industry...

Ponemon Institute: Poor state of healthcare cybersecurity causing industry finger pointing

Criminal attacks continue to be the leading cause of data breaches in healthcare, with ransomware the latest threat, according to the latest privacy and security survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

Mount Sinai's Linda Rogers: mHealth poised for explosive growth

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York is tapping mHealth for asthma treatment, recently developing its own app. The Asthma Health App, which lets patients conduct self-monitoring of symptoms and disease triggers, and fosters positive behavioral decisions, is also helping patients adhere to treatment regimens. 

Healthcare IT leaders 'must embrace' mobile while ensuring device security

In a world that is increasingly mobile, securing employees' devices--be they company issued or personal phones--has to be top of mind for hospitals and health systems, according to three IT leaders who spoke with sister publication  FierceHealthIT.

Collaborative efforts key to medical error data collection

Adjustments on how the healthcare industry collects data on medical errors, especially those that lead to patient death, must be a "collaborative effort," Institute for Healthcare Improvement Vice President Frank Federico tells  FierceHealthcare in an exclusive interview.