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Big data in medical imaging: How radiologists are taking advantage

By Mike Bassett The use of business analytics may be a relatively new phenomenon in medicine, but it has been used to great effect in other industries for quite some time. For example, such tools...

Have we dropped the ball on radiation safety?

Over the last several years, radiation dose and patient safety have been of particular concern among healthcare providers, particularly with the publication of studies showing that patients were exposed to enough radiation to potentially lead to tens of thousands of future cancer cases. Still, concerns continue to linger.  

How to avoid roadblocks to successful HIE

Effective integration with a health information exchange isn't easy, but there are ways to shorten the roadblocks and develop a comprehensive HIE strategy. To that end, Sean Kennedy, director of health information exchange at the Massachusetts eHealth Institute and Nicole Heim, CIO Milford (Mass.) Regional Medical Center, speaking Wednesday at the Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum in Washington, D.C., shared their experiences with HIE integration.

Hospital-urgent care partnership reduces overcrowded ED

In an effort to reduce overcrowded emergency departments, many hospitals look to shift patients who don't have critical or life-threatening conditions to more appropriate care settings. One Massachusetts hospital's recent partnership with an urgent care center shows promise that other hospitals and healh systems may want to consider.  

HIMSS Analytics: Top hospital apps focus on operational efficiency

Bed management, enterprise resource planning and financial modeling applications are expected to be some of the hottest on the market among hospitals, according to a new report from HIMSS Analytics.

HealthCare.gov wasn't Sebelius' only IT project, just the most high-profile

When U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigned last week after five years of service, I wanted to know what members of FierceHealthIT 's Editorial...

Health policy and the value of imaging research

A look at three articles published in this week's issue of  FierceMedicalImaging  demonstrates the need for--and the value of--radiology and medical imaging research.

Hospital CIOs on Sebelius resignation: We must stay the course with federal IT efforts

Hospital CIOs serving on  FierceHealthIT 's Editorial Advisory Board, said they will continue to stay the course with their health IT efforts in spite of the sudden resignation of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

How lean strategies saved a NH critical access hospital from financial ruin

Peter L. Gosline, president and CEO of Monadnock Community Hospital in Petersborough, N.H., explains how lean Six Sigma strategies helped save the critical access hospital from layoffs and financial ruin.      

H.R. 4302: Duct tape, delays and decision support

By Matt Hawkins, M.D.   A permanent fix to the sustainable growth rate formula eluded Congress again--stunning, I know. Another year of SGR duct tape. And ICD-10 was laughably delayed for yet another year. (How many ICD-11 jokes have you heard over the last couple of weeks?)  This kind of partisan-driven politicking escalates the apathy that many physicians already have for Washington. But maybe that's their objective.