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What the healthcare worker of the future will look like

In an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare,  Jordan Asher, M.D., chief medical officer and chief integration officer at MissionPoint in Nashville, Tennessee, talks about the changing role of clinicians under value-based care and the need to retrain them to address psychosocial factors as part of population health management. 

Security experts worry about 'spear phishing' in wake of CareFirst breach

Security experts weighing in on Wednesday's breach of health insurer CareFirst, which impacted 1.1 million current and former customers, said the compromised information could be used for everything from medical identity fraud to future attacks geared toward extracting even more data from victims. What's more, they believe this is only the beginning for breaches of this nature.

Hack attack on CareFirst compromises info for 1.1 million consumers

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield on Wednesday announced that it was the target of a cyberattack that compromised information of about 1.1 million current and former consumers, as well as individuals who conducted business with the company online. The attack was discovered last month during information technology security efforts conducted in the wake of other recent high-profile cyberattacks on fellow payers Anthem and Premera discovered earlier this year.

Hospital infection control in the era of superbug outbreaks [Special Report]

Long before superbug outbreaks tied to a specialized medical scope sickened and killed patients across the country, infection control has been a major priority for hospitals. But while the problems posed by such outbreaks are clear, finding solutions to them--particularly in a seldom-static healthcare industry--is anything but. To help chart a way forward, this special report from  FierceHealthcare  examines advice from experts and hospital leaders who have learned valuable lessons from the front lines of hospital infection control.

Nurse self-care: Solution to peer bullying?

Nurses who are empowered to care for themselves will not only provide better care to patients but also could help combat the widespread problem of bullying that is rampant in the nursing culture, Susan Groenwald, Ph.D., R.N., president of the Chamberlain College of Nursing, tells FierceHealthcare in an exclusive interview. 

How Mount Sinai uses mHealth to pave the way for more robust patient care

The exploding number of healthcare apps ready for download on smartphones and tablets is impressive and shows no sign of letting up. But the real story of their potential impact is far more than a case of raw numbers. Longer term, mobile apps will have a profound effect on the management of chronic diseases and population health. The key is more meaningful and timely communication between doctor and patient. Two examples at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York illustrate how apps are being used now to expand the scope and quality of care for existing patients

Radiologists and patients: The rocky road to engagement

In this  FierceHealthIT  special report, we look at how these three radiologists are engaging patients, the obstacles they face in doing so and where they see patient engagement moving down the road. 

Demand management the biggest challenge for Orlando Health's Rick Schooler [Q&A]

For Orlando Health Chief Information Officer Rick Schooler, his job is all about balancing projects that are required by regulation with all of the various other initiatives underway at the 1,780-bed health network.

Don't overlook IBM's steady presence in mHealth

Given the increasing wave of mHealth-related IBM headlines in the past few months, some could have the impression IBM is just now getting its foot in the door where mobile healthcare in concerned. But while Apple, Google and BlackBerry have been heralded as major players to drive mHealth technology ahead, it would be remiss, and even irresponsible, to not put IBM on the list--and maybe even someday soon at the top.

AHA15: Burwell, Bradley among big names who highlight trends and challenges at annual conference

Many of the biggest names in healthcare attended this week's American Hospital Association (AHA) annual meeting to talk about the accomplishments, political concerns and strategies to overcome...