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Moores Cancer Center among precision medicine pioneers

When President Barack Obama touted the development of precision medicine in his recent State of the Union address, a chorus of experts weighed in on the feasibility of the initiative. But for some healthcare facilities, the use of genomics to improve the treatment and prevention of diseases is already a reality.

'Patient navigators' reduced readmissions, overuse of ER in pilot program

The use of "patient navigators" can significantly reduce the overuse of emergency departments and the number of hospital readmissions, according to a recent study.   

Why 2015 could be a watershed year for mHealth regulatory decisions

To say it's been a busy few months regarding regulatory actions in the healthcare space would be an understatement. To that end, I don't believe it would be sensationalistic to predict this may be a year in which federal agencies make landmark decisions and establish strategies and historical markers when it comes to mHealth technology oversight.

The future of population health management

In this special report,  FierceHealthcare  examines the evolution of population health management, the challenges involved, and what hospital and system leaders can do to make a real difference in their communities.

What will 'precision medicine' mean for providers?

President Barack Obama's comments in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening got the healthcare world abuzz about "precision medicine"--but what exactly that will mean for the industry remains unclear.

Let's cut hospital IT teams some slack on mHealth efforts

The advent of mobile healthcare in hospital settings is coming on the heels of likely the biggest tech challenge such institutions faced in decades: the implementation of electronic health record systems. And while it seems natural to expect hospitals to embrace mobile healthcare with enthusiasm, and do it well given the federal government's EHR efforts, that apparently is not the case.

FDA draft guidance tackles regulation of general wellness devices, medical device accessories

Draft guidance documents published Friday morning by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in compliance with actions outlined in its FDASIA Health IT Report, propose both to regulate medical device accessories based on risks they present when used as intended with their parent devices and not regulate products intended only for general wellness.

Healthcare reform, rising costs: A conversation with Paul Keckley about America's 'Bitter Pill'

Journalist Steven Brill has been making the rounds promoting his new book, "America's Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System."...

CES 2015: What health innovations caught your eye?

Much of the tone regarding healthcare at this year's international Consumer Electronics Show focused on ensuring the safety of consumer data shared via wearable devices and other technologies, with both HIMSS (via its Personal Connected Health Alliance) and the Federal Trade Commission speaking out about looming privacy risks. Still, that didn't take away from the bevy of innovative new tools on display in Las Vegas last week.

Playing ostrich with mHealth app development could stifle innovation

Municipalities, from village halls to Congressional offices, have a duty and responsibility to serve the people--the taxpayers funding government, the citizens needing services, Americans expecting...