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Healthcare IT and the lack of security hygiene

By Aaron Miri We've all been there. It's a bright and muggy day and you've been outside playing kickball with your elementary school friends. Suddenly you notice something particularly...

RSNA 2015: Is this the year that radiology turns the corner?

"Innovation is the key to our future." That's the slogan for #RSNA15. Innovation--of course--can be interpreted in variety of ways, though. There is the scientific and technological...

Quality-driven healthcare system a boon for use of remote, mobile tools

This week I had the chance to speak about mHealth with Spyglass Managing Director Gregg Malkary, and during the discussion I noticed a trend: optimism of what's to come for mobile technology in...

Value-based purchasing scores remain volatile

Data from Medicare's value-based purchasing program contain broad variations and few clear patterns, according to a new report from Leavitt Partners, and the report's author says it may take solutions such as a separate program for low-volume hospitals or combining Medicare's care-quality programs to achieve meaningful improvements.

Remote patient monitoring tools gaining traction for chronic disease management

More than half of hospitals and health systems responding to a new survey are deploying remote patient monitoring systems to achieve operational efficiencies, improve risk management and boost care quality and control costs, according to Spyglass Consulting Group.

'Imagine' the possibilities when healthcare, community leaders pursue a common goal

Guest post by Scott Kashman, chief administrative officer of Cape Coral Hospital, part of the Lee Memorial Health System in southwest Florida. Last week we had our ribbon-cutting for our Pathway...

PHI breaches not limited to healthcare organizations

In a report set to be released in full next month, Verizon Enterprise Solutions examines the scope and impact of protected health information breaches since 1994. Author Suzanne Widup and her colleagues analyzed 1,931 incidents involving more than 392 million records, but perhaps more surprisingly, discovered that 90 percent of industries--including nonhealthcare industries--have experienced such a breach. In an interview with  FierceHealthIT, Widup said that what gave her the most pause was that diversity of industries impacted beyond healthcare. The public sector, she said, was especially represented in the findings.

5 healthcare innovation centers to watch

Emphasis on innovation in healthcare has itself led to an innovation: the idea of the healthcare innovation center, in which healthcare leaders--often chief innovation officers--work both within their own organizations and with others in and out of the hospital sector to foster the next generation of big ideas in healthcare. In this special report,  FierceHealthcare  looks at five such centers and how they're changing the game for healthcare innovation.

Western Reserve CIO Pam Banchy: Flexibility required to balance large initiatives, day-to-day tasks [Q&A]

CIO Pam Banchy spoke with  FierceHealthIT  about how Western Reserve Hospital handles cybersecurity, what she enjoys most about the job and how she sees the role of CIO changing.

Judge dismisses FTC security enforcement case against LabMD

The Federal Trade Commission's data security enforcement case against Atlanta-based cancer screening laboratory LabMD following an alleged 2008 data breach was dismissed Friday by an administrative law judge who said that the agency failed to prove the breach harmed, or could potentially harm, consumers.