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Cybersecurity: How health execs handle growing privacy threat [Special Report]

​Cybersecurity in healthcare is easier said than done. In this special report,  FierceHealthIT  examines what providers and payers currently are doing to prevent data breaches, as well as what they should be doing. We also speak to attorneys and patient advocates to gain a better understanding of the cybersecurity challenges that lie ahead. Full report

Blurred lines not a good anthem for mHealth regulation

Before the Federal Trade Commission or Food and Drug Administration tackle another mobile health technology investigation, the two federal agencies--both of which are charged with protecting consumers--need to huddle up in a conference room, lock the door and not come out until they produce a clear map of what they're responsible for when it comes to oversight and regulating such tools. Why? Because right now it's getting quite difficult to figure out who's keeping on eye on the shallow end of the mobile health technology pool and who's watching the deep end.

Competing hospitals work together to share data, improve patient safety

It's not often we read stories about competing healthcare organizations collaborating to achieve a vision for the greater good. That's about to change. The Children's Hospitals'...

With ICD-10 now on Congress' radar, it's put up--not shut up--time

It seems as if finally--after three delays and endless back-and-forth arguments about merits, costs and complexities—the transition to ICD-10 will happen this October. To briefly recap: First, the deadline was set for October 2011. Then  this happened  in January 2009 Then, the deadline was set for October 2013. Then  this happened  in February 2012 Then, the deadline was pushed back to October 2014. Then  this came out of left field  last spring Will the fourth time be the charm?

Hospital for Special Surgery takes patient engagement, marketing to a whole new level

In an exclusive interview with  FierceHealthcare,  John Englehart, vice president and chief marketing officer for Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, talks about the organization's patient engagement initiative that snowballed into what he believes is the largest public online forum of orthopedic and rheumatological patient stories that currently exists.

Smartphones: The mHealth device, app platform and communication tool everyone needs

Sometimes when it comes to technology and all that's happening with mobile tech and mHealth tools, one can get mired down in the muck of hype, hyperbole, snazzy phrases and clichés (don't get me started on my pet peeve with 'at the end of the day' still pitched out by vendors and 'visionaries'). But every now and then, someone--typically in the frenzy of actually advancing mHealth--says exactly the perfect phrase to define a mobile health strategy in the most concise and clear way.

Hospital-community partnerships: Be the spark

Guest post by Scott Kashman, chief administrative officer of Cape Coral Hospital, part of the Lee Memorial Health System in southwest Florida One day, I was speaking with my colleague, Joan...

Report estimates lower costs for ICD-10 implementation

ICD-10 implementation costs for small physician practices are significantly lower than  estimates touted by the American Medical Association this time last year, according to survey results published this week in the  Journal of the American Health Information Management Association.

Why providers should encourage patients to seek second opinions

When it comes to healthcare, both providers and consumers benefit when patients get a second opinion about treatment, new research indicates.  

ONC budget request sends a strong message about the growing importance of health IT

Federal health information technology efforts received a proverbial shot in the arm last week when President Obama unveiled his proposed budget for FY2016 last week.