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Latest Headlines

E-health feedback loop helps diabetics boost outcomes

The use of telehealth remote monitoring as part of a eHealth larger feedback loop for diabetics led to vastly improved A1c levels compared with patients who did not use the technology, according to research published this week in the  Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Collaboration focuses on standards for eHealth, Internet of Things

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA) and MEMS Industry Group, the trade association for micro-electromechanical systems, have teamed up to boost...

Trial proves value of app in documenting bedsores

Pressure ulcers, or bedsores as they are commonly referred to, are no laughing matter. As a paper published last week points out, bedsores are a "leading iatrogenic cause of death in developed...

7 steps for developing an effective eHealth strategy

Very few health organizations or geographic regions have a proper strategy for the implementation of eHealth, despite evidence that technology's role in healthcare continues to grow, according to research published this week in the  Journal of Internet Medical Research. To that end, a pair of researchers from South Africa and Canada outlined seven steps necessary to the development of an effective eHealth strategy.

mHealth and telehealth: Part of the eHealth tool bag

Lately, I'm seeing a pattern in the way that mobile healthcare is being co-opted by some of the big conference organizers. In March, I wrote about the fact that at HIMSS 2013 the...

Three critical challenges remain for mHealth

Mobile healthcare must overcome three fundamental challenges if mHealth is to fulfill its promise of transforming the delivery of health services worldwide, argues an article in the journal PLoS...

Facebook 'likes' could translate to real life likes for hospitals

If you "like" a hospital on Facebook, does that mean you're a satisfied patient? A study from the  American Journal of Medical Quality  set out to assess whether Facebook "likes" were associated with hospital quality and patient satisfaction.

Skype successful in home care for infants

The use of eHealth for home healthcare of premature infants could decrease the need for home doctor visits, a small study published this week in  BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making  has found.

HealthPartners of Minnesota: Online clinics can reduce costs, improve outcomes and experience

Online healthcare delivery is yielding financial and clinical benefits--signaling a need for regulatory reform that allows for expansion and innovation in the field, concludes a study in  Health Affairs.

mHealth, eHealth credited with helping improve global public health

Availability of electronic health and mobile health services plays a major role in the delivery of public health services around the world, a newly released paper finds.