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Latest Headlines

Maine becomes second state to require e-prescribing of controlled substances

Maine now requires e-prescribing of all controlled substances, a move that comes a month after New York became the first state to do so.

Thousands miss New York e-prescribing deadline

Thousands of providers missed the March 27 New York state deadline requiring that all prescriptions be created electronically.

New York health system sees few issues with e-prescribing efforts

One health system in the upper reaches of New York State is seeing very few issues with its e-prescribing efforts, even as some providers continue to struggle despite a March 27 deadline to have such services available.

EHR 'gaps' hinder patient medication adherence

Electronic health records and health IT are falling short when it comes to improving patient medication adherence, according to a new paper in  JMIR Medical Informatics.

Looming e-prescribing mandate giving docs pause

Doctors have mixed views on the New York state law that mandates e-prescribing.

NY prepares for e-prescribing as Senate passes opioid addiction bill

Prescribing practices are at the center of fraud prevention and opioid addiction treatment as New York prepares for a new e-prescribing law and as new opioid addiction legislation passed easily through the Senate.  

Inappropriate use of 'notes' field in e-prescribing can cause patient harm

Doctors' use of the free-text "Notes" field in e-prescriptions  to communicate additional prescription-related information to pharmacists can create confusion and even patient harm, according to research published in  JAMA Internal Medicine.

New York providers face challenges in meeting e-prescribing law deadline

E-prescribing in the state of New York becomes mandatory in a little over a month, but some hospitals and physicians are not quite ready.

New York boasts highest rate of e-prescribing for controlled substances

Electronic prescribing of controlled substances continues to increase, particularly in New York, according to new data from Surescripts.

NPs, PAs top physicians in emergency department e-prescribing

Nonphysicians are e-prescribing the most at Children's National Health System's emergency department, according to a poster presented at the American Medical Informatics Association annual symposium in San Francisco.