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Latest Headlines

Patient portals raise concerns for data privacy, security

As more health data becomes available, many issues will arise regarding patient security and privacy of information, according to Micky Tripathi, president and CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative.

Aetna: ACOs need data sharing, mobile health

While it will take several years to measure the true effect of accountable care organizations, investments in technology and data sharing could accelerate the model's success.

CDC: Use lab professionals to improve EHR safety

While electronic health records are changing how lab data is transmitted and displayed, variations in design, functionality and an ability to share that data can cause preventable patient safety risks, such as misdiagnoses, treatment delays and inappropriate treatment, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In golden age of data, payers need credibility

Insurers must address a new dimension of data quality--data credibility--according to a recent blog post by enterprise information management expert Malcolm Chisholm. Data credibility, he says, is having data that's relied on to represent what the data is supposed to represent.

Ex-HHS head Donna Shalala: Data sharing with payers requires trust

At a recent eMerge Americas digital business conference held in Miami Beach, Donna Shalala, former Clinton Administration secretary for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, spoke out on why healthcare providers are reluctant to share data with payers,  InformationWeek  reported.

Query Health pilots boost population health data exchange

Three pilot projects have illustrated the potential of the Query Health initiative to handle population-level health queries across diverse clinical systems, according to new research in the  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT launched the initiative, a public-private partnership, in 2011 to develop standards and services to enable distributed, secure, standards-based population health measurement.

Who bears the costs for clinical data-sharing?

In the push to boost clinical data-sharing for research, there's little discussion of the costs it entails, according to an article at the Journal of the American Medical Association. Pushing...

QUEST collaborative saves $11.65 billion

Premier's national quality improvement collaborative, QUEST, says it has saved approximately $11.65 billion and prevented 136,375 deaths over the past five years through process improvements and...

Hospital CIO: ACOs must look beyond EHRs for care coordination

What's the secret to successful accountable care? It's certainly not just use of electronic health records and health information exchanges, according to one university medical center CIO.

4 trends affecting insurers this year

Susan DeVore, CEO of Premier healthcare alliance, outlines eight trends that will affect insurers and providers this year. Here's a sampling, rounded out with some examples from our own recent  FierceHealthPayer  news coverage.