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Latest Headlines

Growth of health technology means industry must redefine cost ownership model

The total cost of ownership model to evaluate tech investments is no longer viable for the healthcare industry.

Athenahealth CEO predicts 'healthcare Internet' in five years

Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush foresees a "healthcare Internet" in place within five years.

Glimmers of hope on the interoperability horizon

Andy Slavitt sounded every bit the part of a an administrator looking to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered during his shared keynote address with National Coordinator for Health...

CommonWell Health Alliance to take network national

CommonWell Health Alliance continues to make interoperability more of a reality, announcing that five of its vendor members are going national.

Report: Physician practices not hit by ACA access crisis

Despite opposition from its start five years ago, some fears related to the Affordable Care Act have failed to materialize. For example, the 16.4 million Americans who gained private health insurance over the past years did not flood physician office waiting rooms nearly to the extent anticipated. 

Healthcare leaders poised to ignite change from within

Despite the oft-held view that reform from within an organization is nearly impossible to achieve, healthcare leaders have shown they're ready to buck this trend, according to  Harvard Business Review.

Athenahealth buys Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's homegrown EHR system

Watertown, Massachusetts-based cloud provider athenahealth announced this week its purchase of Boston-based Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's homegrown Web-based clinical application and electronic health record platform, known as WebOMR.

HIT powerhouses join forces to accelerate data sharing

Health Level Seven International (HL-7), in coordination with several EHR vendors and providers, has launched a project to advance Fast Health Interoperability Resources and improve data sharing.

EHRs give advance directive objective short shrift

Electronic health records have fallen down on the job when it comes to dealing with the advance directive objective, according to a new blog post from Carl Bergman.

KLAS: 6 percent of providers have attained 'advanced' interoperability

Providers are on the path to interoperability, but they're not necessarily crediting their vendor for it, according to a new report from KLAS Research.