2012 mHealth Summit

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Increased device adoption will make 2013 a banner year for mHealth

By any account, 2012 was a breakout year for mobile healthcare. When measuring the progress of mHealth over the past year, the best metrics are perhaps the raw statistics that show physicians, providers and other healthcare professionals are using smartphones, laptops and tablets in their work in unprecedented numbers.

Rise of app development, device use creates a perfect storm for chronic disease prevention

At last week's mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C., one of the things that stuck for me was the emphasis on prevention of chronic disease, particularly from a consumer standpoint.

What's in store for mHealth Summit?

The mHealth industry has, no doubt, grown up a lot since the first summit was held three years ago. And provider and payer organizations are doing some amazing things in the mHealth space.

At this year's mHealth Summit, follow the leaders to strategic success

As hospitals rush headlong toward mHealth, many are skipping over a key step in the adoption process: strategy. In one recent survey, health IT consulting firm Medullan asked more than 100...