5 focal points for telehealth efforts


While some provider worries persist about telehealth, a mainstream breakthrough appears to be on the horizon, as states increasingly push for reimbursement. And payers, more and more, are getting in on the act, as evidenced by Humana's recently launched telehealth pilot aimed at treating patients with congestive heart failure.

To that end, Orem, Utah-based research firm KLAS has released a report taking a closer look at the state of telehealth. More than three-fourths of providers interviewed indicated that their efforts are focused in five disciplines: home monitoring, psychiatry, stroke, neurology and intensive care.

"Not only are providers adopting telehealth services at an increasing rate, but 81 percent of interviewed providers told us that they will be making future investments," report author Erik Bermudez said in an announcement. "They feel that telehealth is one of the keys to cost-effective caring for the growing population in the face of population health and accountable care."

With that in mind, FierceHealthIT decided to take a deeper dive into the five focal disciplines. Click through the pictures below to learn more about the role of telehealth in each discipline.