Webinar: Secure Mobile File Access for Healthcare Organizations

Now available for on-demand viewing  |  Duration: 1 hour

Provide mobile access to corporate files while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Today's mobile workers have access to a variety of file-sharing and access tools - but many of these file-sharing tools are designed for light consumer usage and do not meet compliance or enterprise- level corporate governance requirements for healthcare organizations, such as HIPAA. Healthcare organizations must find a way to balance the needs of a highly mobile workforce against HIPAA compliance needs in a way that ensures security while improving productivity.

You'll learn about a number of key features of mobilEcho that drive value for the enterprise, including:
  • Enable users to access, browse, preview, edit and search for files on corporate file servers (Windows/Linux/Mac), NAS storage devices and SharePoint
  • Secure your files with a variety of mechanisms, including Active Directory integration, encryption, HTTPS Reverse Proxy password, certificate authentication and other critical tools
  • Accomplish the objective of providing secure mobile access without sacrificing the flexibility to decide the best policies for your organization


Anders Lofgren, Vice-President of Product Management, GroupLogic, Inc.
Lofgren is an experienced technology executive with over 15 years of experience. Most recently, he was the Chief Research Officer for TheInfoPro, an Advisory and Research firm for IT pros, vendors and institutional investors. He led all research initiatives including the company's initial forays into cloud computing research. Prior to TheInfoPro, Lofgren was a Senior Vice President of Product Management and Strategy for CA's $400M storage business unit.
Brian Ulmer, mobilEcho & ExtremeZ-IP Product Manager
As a GroupLogic Product Manager, Brian Ulmer is responsible for the overall product direction of mobilEcho and ExtremeZ-IP. Brian has over 8 years experience managing software products and software development teams.