Will ONC ever see a budget increase?

With the recent passage of the Omnibus Appropriations bill in Congress, federal lawmakers sent a message to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Health IT still is not very high on our...

Telehealth helps OhioHealth reach remote stroke patients

For stroke victims, early treatment is paramount, but often care is hard to find for those living in rural and remote areas--but healthcare organizations are using telemedicine to change that.

ONC: Poor documentation mars adverse event reporting

An analysis of adverse events reported to two databases found a need for improved reporting, according to a blog post at Health IT Buzz.

Standardization proposed to improve patient matching

A paper published at Perspectives in Health Information Management calls for a nationwide patient matching strategy and describes elements to be standardized.

Telemedicine market to nearly double over next 5 years

A focus on health IT and mobile healthcare will lead the telemedicine market to nearly double in five years, according to a new industry research report.

Survey: Consumer health tech adoption remains low

Use of technology to manage healthcare still remains low for consumers, but many of them view devices and apps in a positive light, according to a new survey from consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and research practice Ipsos Public Affairs.

ICD-10 testing: CMS announces dates, pubs guidance

A new ICD-10 end-to-end testing period for providers, as well as associated guidance for testing, was revealed this week by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

4 ways consumers will impact HIT in 2015

It's hard to deny the influence patients as consumers are having on the healthcare industry, and many predict that 2015 will be the year of the consumer.

Keys to enabling secondary use of HIE data

Secondary use of health information exchange data could be even more valuable than its primary use of giving providers a complete picture of a patient's care history, but there are issues to be worked out.

Lessons on protecting PHI from the Sony hack

Experian's 2015 Data Breach Industry Forecast called healthcare "a vulnerable and attractive target for cybercriminals," predicting more breaches are headed the industry's way. The recent breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment provides three lessons for healthcare, according to Michael Bruemmer, VP with Experian's Data Breach Resolution group.

Study: Nearly half of patients would withhold data from providers

Nearly half of patients participating in a trial looking at patient control of the medical records withheld clinically sensitive information from some or all of their care team.

UC Davis pediatrician gets grant to study cost-effectiveness of telemed in EDs

A grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will help fund a study into how telemedicine affects clinical outcomes in emergency departments.

Secure messaging shows promise at Saint Mary's Hospital

Implementing a secure messaging system has proved fruitful at Saint Mary's Hospital, communication has improved and the hospital's staff has embraced the technology, according to two of the hospital's leaders.

CMIO role evolving in wake of EHR implementation

Healthcare organizations tend to be unclear about what the chief medical information officer's role is after the implementation of electronic health record systems, according to an article at Healthcare Informatics.

States still experiencing problems with Medicaid IT system upgrades

States spent $1.8 billion in Medicaid 90/10 funds to upgrade their eligibility information technology systems over the past three fiscal years, but still face implementation challenges, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

HIEs team up on strategic collaborative

To enhance the exchange of ideas and business improvements for health information exchanges, 20 HIEs have formed the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative.

As health data volume grows, CIOs must prioritize governance strategies, analytics

Technology is creating more ways to collect and analyze health data, but as the amount of information grows, chief information officers in the industry must figure out how to make that flood of data actionable.

Context vital for implementing healthcare innovations

Implementing healthcare innovations calls for better understanding of the relationship between them and the context in which they will be used, according to an article at Health Affairs.

Patients willing to share health data, but only for a good reason

Patients are becoming more willing to share their health information publicly, but there is one caveat: It has to be for a good reason.

2015 to be 'year of education and training' for ICD-10 efforts

Despite the seemingly constant threat of another delay to ICD-10, hospitals and physician practices would be wise to forge ahead with implementation, writes Deborah Grider, a healthcare consultant and current president of the Indiana Health Information Management Association.