Surgical robots take on autonomous tasks

Researchers are developing robots that can go beyond assisting in surgery and actually perform procedures autonomously, according to new research published at Science Translational Medicine.

White House to hold workshops on AI's promises, pitfalls

Artificial Intelligence holds both promises and pitfalls for many industries, including healthcare, which is leading the White House to host workshops on the technology's future.

Evidence generation platform must balance stakeholder interests, public good, FDA officials say

A national platform for evidence generation would need to serve as "an umbrella for all activities that help inform all stakeholders about making treatment decisions," according to FDA officials Robert Califf and Rachel Sherman.

Despite hurdles, 'digital health advisor' a promising idea for patient care

Patients could benefit from the creation of a "digital health advisor," an app or computer program that can use pharmacy, electronic medical record and other medical data to help consumers with health problems, according to a new post at the Commonwealth Fund blog.

Teledermatology boosts access to care for Medicaid patients

By offering virtual dermatology and Medicaid coverage, the number of patients who saw a dermatologist nearly doubled, according to a new RAND Corp. study, illustrating how virtual care can increase patient access to specialists.

Baking in the basics: Hospital IT leaders outline ingredients for robust cybersecurity programs

In this FierceHealthIT special report, hospital IT leaders speak about their organization's security culture, their greatest security challenges, how they are keeping employees educated and more.

Joseph Kvedar: Widespread adoption of telehealth still in early phase

Despite lofty forecasts for investment in on-demand healthcare services, Partners HealthCare Vice President for Connected Health Joseph Kvedar believes that telemedicine adoption is still very much in its early stages.

Online tool gives gamers role to play in diagnosing TB

Gamers may have a role to play in diagnosing diseases such as tuberculosis, thanks to a new Web-based tool.

How continuous patient monitoring can increase hospital revenue

Continuous patient monitoring (CPM) will be a "critical component" of smart hospitals, and can help improve workflow and increase revenue, according to Charlie Whelan, director of Frost & Sullivan.

Doctor: Despite promise, improper use of telemedicine could undermine patient care

As use of telemedicine grows, it will "become like conjuring the genie from Aladdin's lamp," according to Ameet Bakhai, M.D., deputy director of research at Royal Free London NHS Trust hospitals.

Bill recommends Project ECHO as national model

Sens. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) have introduced a bill calling for expansion of New Mexico's Project ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) as a national telehealth model.

Google's DeepMind gains access to health info for 1.6M NHS patients

As part of a recently announced partnership with the UK's National Health Service, Google-owned artificial intelligence company DeepMind has gained access to healthcare information for 1.6 million patients across three hospitals.

Researchers compare effectiveness of health info from online communities, search engines

Now more than ever, patients with health concerns attempt to navigate online communities or search engines to find answers to their questions. Knowing who or what to trust, however, is not always easy.

Researchers: Telehealth 'no holy grail' for COPD patients

Research has not shown a strong case for telemedicine as a means to improve quality of life for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a literature review published in the International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

American Dental Association accidentally sends out malware-infected USB drives

Some USB drives sent out by the American Dental Association to dental offices around the U.S. are infected with malware.

CHIME wants 'assurance' of med device interoperability

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives believes that, when it comes to medical device interoperability, not enough is being done to ensure such tools can connect with their electronic health record systems.

HIE analytics platform fuels St. Joseph population health efforts

An analytics platform built atop the state's health information exchange (HIE) allows St. Joseph Healthcare in Bangor, Maine, to be proactive rather than reactive in its patient care, according to an article at Healthcare IT News.

Report: Lack of audit logs poses security risk for VA's electronic benefits system

While the Department of Veterans Affairs has made progress in implementing its electronic benefits management system, it failed to integrate audit logs into the project, making it impossible to detect and respond to security violations, according to a report from the VA Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

BCP to explore policies on patient data collection for research

The Bipartisan Policy Center's Health Innovation Initiative will soon start exploring policies surrounding the use of patient data collected during routine care visits.

Docs, hospital leaders dive into HIT entrepreneurial efforts

Many physicians and chief medical officers are diving into the world of health IT startups--not for prestige or money, but for fun and to have a hand in fixing problems in the industry.