Top Health IT innovators 2007

The top 10 companies shaking up Health IT (that you haven't heard of...yet)

Top Healthcare IT innovators Welcome to the first edition of our Top Health IT Innovators list. We're excited to be showcasing what are regarded as some of the most interesting and disruptive companies we know of in the healthcare IT industry, including some we can more or less guarantee you've never heard of (yet).

Consumer Health IT? Wondering why you see so many companies working on consumer-type problems on the list, rather than the back-end gear touched by CIOs and network admins? That's because this may be the year when consumers have more contact with enterprise health IT than they ever have had before.

Many of the intriguing technologies we're highlighting are designed to guide consumers in their care electronically, using smart interactivity and content. Why? Because while doctors are already good at working with standard internal records, they currently don't have a smooth way to interact with patients online, link the patients into their own decision-making process or collect patients' self-reported impressions of how they're doing.

We're not talking about a big boost in the use of PHRs, though that may indeed happen; we're talking about a two-way flow of clinical and personal information that the industry has never seen before. If some of the vendors below get their way, though, patients, clinicians and health organizations will have an online data-sharing dialogue, improving outcomes and saving time and money in the process. It's an interesting shift in the business, and one, that we think is long overdue. We also think it' going to hit big and take root quickly, so look for some major changes in patient-doctor interactivity this year.

Top Health IT Innovators 2007

10.   NaviMedix
9.   PatientsLikeMe
8.   MDVIP
7.   GetWellNetwork
6.   MedApps
5.   athenahealth
4.   Devon IT
3.   QlikTech
2.   Practice Fusion
1.   Enhanced Medical Decisions (EMD)