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'Meaningful use' dominated 2010, but so much else has happened in HIT

We're taking our annual publisher's holiday next week, so this is the last issue of FierceHealthIT for 2010. It's been quite a year. Even with the economy mired in a jobless recovery and political

IT could compensate for higher-than-expected care fragmentation

Interoperable IT could be just the thing to help healthcare reduce the expensive duplication and potential adverse events associated with fragmented care, according to just-published research from

Workflow software, robots poised to transform care

We have separate publications called FierceHealthIT and FierceEMR for a reason: Thanks in no small part to the federal "meaningful use" incentive program, EMRs are front of mind for many health IT

Electronic reminders raise cancer screening rates short-term

After slamming a couple of recent studies on attempts to engage patients in their own care through passive monitoring generously called "telemedicine," we find a study that deserves some credit at

Docs worried about patient relationships still share personal data on Facebook

Physicians could be putting the doctor-patient relationship in jeopardy because they don't control their own privacy very well on Facebook, according to a recent study of French medical residents.

Blumenthal: Health IT is key to health reform

It's been a busy year in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and for health IT in general. "It's been a whirlwind of activity. Many of you have spent many

Arizona hospital, California health department lose patient records

Two more patient privacy incidents made news last week. Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa, Ariz., lost data cards that contained information on 2,284 endoscopy patients, the Arizona Republic

Empower consumers with technology that makes the doctor's life easier, too

If cost is all the public responds to when talking about healthcare, then cost may not be a bad place to wage reform-minded battles. I draw your attention to a CNN story from last week about a

'Meaningful use' readiness drops among hospital CIOs

Hospital CIOs are rapidly losing confidence in their organization's ability to qualify early for federal subsidies for "meaningful use" of EMRs, according to an updated survey from the College of

Data mining looks for clues to prevention, treatment of depression

Business intelligence specialists in Australia are examining how to mine patient data and clinician notes in search of better ways to diagnose and treat depression, a condition not linked to specific