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Susan Hall spent more than 20 years as a newspaper writer and editor in Dallas and Seattle before making the leap online at MSNBC. Now living in Louisville, Ky., she has focused on enterprise technology as a writer and editor for IT Business Edge. Most recently she has written for and Enterprise Apps Today. Follow @FierceHealthIT on Twitter and find her on LinkedIn.

Articles by Susan D. Hall

Standardization proposed to improve patient matching

A paper published at Perspectives in Health Information Management calls for a nationwide patient matching strategy and describes elements to be standardized.

Keys to enabling secondary use of HIE data

Secondary use of health information exchange data could be even more valuable than its primary use of giving providers a complete picture of a patient's care history, but there are issues to be worked out.

Lessons on protecting PHI from the Sony hack

Experian's 2015 Data Breach Industry Forecast called healthcare "a vulnerable and attractive target for cybercriminals," predicting more breaches are headed the industry's way. The recent breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment provides three lessons for healthcare, according to Michael Bruemmer, VP with Experian's Data Breach Resolution group.

Study: Nearly half of patients would withhold data from providers

Nearly half of patients participating in a trial looking at patient control of the medical records withheld clinically sensitive information from some or all of their care team.

CMIO role evolving in wake of EHR implementation

Healthcare organizations tend to be unclear about what the chief medical information officer's role is after the implementation of electronic health record systems, according to an article at Healthcare Informatics.

States still experiencing problems with Medicaid IT system upgrades

States spent $1.8 billion in Medicaid 90/10 funds to upgrade their eligibility information technology systems over the past three fiscal years, but still face implementation challenges, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Context vital for implementing healthcare innovations

Implementing healthcare innovations calls for better understanding of the relationship between them and the context in which they will be used, according to an article at Health Affairs.

Ed Marx outlines key elements of HIT governance policy

Ed Marx, chief information officer of Texas Health Resources, compares the need to develop your own governance model to cultural differences--it has to work for your own organizational culture.

Omnibus bill keeps ONC funding at same level as 2014

The Omnibus Appropriations bill that passed Congress over the weekend will fund the Office of the National Coordinator for Health at the same level as last fiscal year with a budget of just under $60.4 million. After the bill passed the House last week, the Senate approved it Saturday night.

Citrus Valley Health's Martin Kleinbart: Data sharing is about trust

With diabetes prevalent at a rate more than twice the national average, Citrus Valley Health Partners in Orange County, California, set out to create a health information exchange as a means to better manage and coordinate care for its population. To that end, Chief Strategy Officer Martin Kleinbart spoke exclusively to FierceHealthIT about Citrus Valley's efforts.