Army applies data to improve suicide prevention

The U.S. Army is taking a more data-driven approach to predicting suicide risk, working on determining when and how to best intervene with patients.

Device may detect stroke in less than 10 minutes

A new device, developed by scientists at Cornell University, may help diagnose a stroke in only 10 minutes.

Hospital IT outsourcing on the rise

More healthcare organizations are starting to look outside their walls for app development, infrastructure services and more.

Hospital pays $850,000 in stolen laptop settlement

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center has agreed to pay $850,000 and implement a robust corrective action plan in a HIPAA settlement with the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights stemming from the 2011 theft of a laptop.

Health systems lack proper Web security solutions, survey finds

Hospitals today better understand the Web security risks they face, but how to tackle those issues is less clear, according to a survey conducted by HIMSS Analytics in partnership with Akamai.


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Unlike other rural providers, Augusta Health, a 255-bed hospital in Fisherville, Virginia, is a financial success. The organization has more then doubled in size and patient capacity since it opened its doors 21 years ago. The keys to its success: Not accumulating debt and ongoing expense reduction.


A new report issued by Moody's Investors Service concludes that it must take potential cyber security breaches more seriously as it assesses the creditworthiness of healthcare and other business entities.