How to make consumer engagement more than just talk

Consumer engagement is more talk than reality, but there are actions that can be taken to fix that, according to a paper from Mathematica Policy Research published in eGEMS (Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes).

CIOs from East to West talk cybersecurity, consumer conveniences, patient engagement

Over the past 10 or so months, we have been speaking with CIOs from across the country, getting their thoughts on everything from cybersecurity and mobile device use to their biggest challenges and...

Report: Ransomware attacks on med devices a real possibility in 2016

Ransomware will come to medical devices or wearables in 2016, Forrester Research predicts in a new report.

Using APIs to create secure, open-source solutions

The next generation of Blue Button for Medicare beneficiaries is underway, Blue Button on BlueButton on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.

Rural New York provider uses teledentistry to help children at risk for tooth decay

The role of telemedicine is growing to include oral health, and Finger Lakes Community Health's teledentistry program is helping improve patient dental care for children.


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After failing to devise a way to replace the state's managed care organization tax, California lawmakers are facing a $1.1 billion hole in next year's health budget,  Kaiser Health   News  reports.


Two of the men Pamela Wible, M.D., a family practice physician, dated in medical school took their own lives. Eight physicians in her small town committed suicide. Writ large, physician suicide is a public health issue: More than one million patients lose their physicians each year because those physicians take their own lives. In a recent interview with Christine Sinsky, M.D., from the American Medical Association, posted on the KevinMD blog, Wible offered several steps the medical community can take to help prevent additional physician suicides.