HHS proposed changes to rules on exchange of alcohol, drug abuse patient records

Proposed changes to rules on confidentiality of alcohol and drug abuse patient records would facilitate the exchange of information while ensuring privacy is protected.

MACRA, MIPS and more: What healthcare advocates see for the year ahead

At the eHealth Initiative's annual conference this week, lobbyists and healthcare advocates spoke about trends in the health IT industry and government policies.

Report: VA computer glitch canceled patient orders

A computer glitch that arose when the Department of Veterans Affairs switched to ICD-10 last October canceled a large number of patient consults and procedure orders, reports

Data pipeline a critical need for healthcare industry

A data pipeline through which all information flows is critical for the healthcare industry, says Donald Voltz, M.D., of Canton, Ohio-based Aultman Hospital.

The OpenNotes movement: What comes next

After a recent $10 million infusion of cash into the OpenNotes movement, a post on a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation blog outlines the path forward over the next three years.


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A new  study  examines the role of specific antibiotics in the development of  Clostridium difficile  infections, a drug-resistant, bacterial "superbug" that now rivals Methicillin-resistant  Staphylococcus aureus  as the most common and severe infection resistant to antibiotics.  


Affordable Care Act marketplace sign-ups for 2016 totaled about 12.7 million people, the federal government announced Thursday, including 9.6 million who enrolled through and 3.1 million through state exchanges.